Ian Allen, Founder of Seventh Son Games

Ian has been a gamer for more than 40 years.  Ian’s influences are from a wide range of games, but his favorites are heavily thematic games like Dune, Cosmic Encounter, Battlestar Galactica, and Eldritch Horror.

Ian and some of his friends in Tuscaloosa, Alabama started a board game publishing company called Druid City Games.  In May of 2017, after two successful Kickstarters – first for Barnyard Roundup and then for The Grimm Forest – Ian decided to start up a solo business venture, a board game design/publishing company, and called it Seventh Son Games.

Seventh Son Games

The name “Seventh Son Games” is a tribute to Ian’s heavy metal roots. One of his favorite albums from the old days was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, a very interesting album from Iron Maiden where the title song was based on an award-winning Orson Scott Card book called Seventh Son, which was in turn based on folklore.  A Seventh Son, born with a completely male line, with no sisters born in between each brother, throughout history has been thought to have supernatural powers. A Seventh Son Of a Seventh Son was supposed to be even more powerful. The powers include a broad range, from clairvoyance (a.k.a. second sight), to healing, to having power over snakes, to being a werewolf in Latin America.

The two aspects the resonated with Ian were:

  1. Second Sight – Seventh Son Games should take lessons from games of the past and current industry trends to go forward, looking to the future.
  2. Lycanthropy – For no other reason than werewolves are so damn cool.

Ian designed the Seventh Son Games logo himself.  The werewolf howling at the moon is named RJ, in tribute to Ronnie James Dio, whose amazing lyrics inspired Ian so much as a teenager.

Ian loves to blog, so check back on the blog section from time to time.  He has a lot to say and would love to hear other people’s opinions on lots of different subjects.